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Scott A. Keoseyan
Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer #5885
scott at labyrinth.org

Vital(?) Statistics

Name: Scott A. Keoseyan
Nick: Hash (I don't remember why)
DOB: Sometime during the early part of the Vietnam War
Favorite Hobby: Fishing for Trout when I can... Black Bass otherwise
Favorite Quote: "This could be bad in so many ways" - Dilbert
Favorite Beverage: Arnold Palmer - that is, Iced-Tea and Lemonade.
Favorite TV Show: Monday Night Football; Isn't America great?
Link to my resume: I am currently happily employed but I am always open-minded enough to listen
Link to my tech-blog: I just started... and it's evolving, so please be patient.
Link to my pgp key: Use this to send me email or validate email I sent you.
Link to some family photos: You need credentials to get here, sorry.

Real Important Stuff Goes Here

The Dilbert Zone
SANS Internet Storm Center
Internet Engineering Task Force
Puck Lists
CCIE Study Hints

Some Favorite Links

Indie103FM - Awesome Radio... and it streams!  Indie103 out of Santa Monica (I miss California sometimes).
Sealab 2021 - A really twisted show baked out of an old 70s cartoon.
The Venture Bros. - Another twisted show ala Adult Swim.
Chariots for Apollo - A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft

Some Technical Links

I figured I would put some of these here since I am a network engineer.  I've moved towards security a bit these days, but I still focus mainly on infrastructure.  I simply find security interesting.

Cisco-PSIRT - Cisco's Product Security Incident Response Team
CERT.org - The Computer Emergency Response Team
Microsoft's Security Page - I know, it's an oxymoron.
Sophos.com - Virus Alerts and other security related information for businesses
Cisco Documentation - Read it all!  Now!

Personal Notes (no blog, sorry)...

So much for Virginia... it was nice while it lasted but it wasn't quite "South" enough for me.  Nowadays my family and I make our home in Charlotte, North Carolina (just barely tho... 4 miles north of the South Carolina border).

The last winter in Virginia kinda made the decision to move further south easier.  Here's a picture of my house about half-way through the 2003 President's Day weekend storm.  This was about half the snow we received that weekend.  By the time it was all over, I couldn't see my house from the street.

Here's the kind of weather I like...

Having fun working for a big corporation these days...